Shake this tin can and listen
to the air rolling inside my walls, the echo of nothing
fills your ears until your eyes splotch black. My feet
tread a bleak abyss. My body does not
hold my heart, or stomach or lungs.

Feel inside your body; the beating
of your heart and whisper
of your breath are a constant reminder
of your fullness. The friendships you have entered
and loves you have conquered brim you over.

I am empty. My heart beats silently and my breath
vanishes with the wind. There is no drumming
in my ears or color in my eyes. I come from the mountains
of duds and chipped in the land of Forgotten Toys.
I roam white caps until my eyes bleed
from the gleam of vacant land. Tap my temple and take
note of the bare wood resonating under your palm.
A squirrel has made its nest from the cobwebs of my mind.
The spider fled because there were no insects pushing
my synapses to function. Cries bellow
from my throat but catch on my teeth.

I’m the invisible force
Begging pleading
to be answered.


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