Who can fathom the sea of stars
rising in the darkness? Who can take note of the huntress
in the sky? Stranded from her world,
she scavenges the sky for beasts. Her bow shivers
at every pull. Her arrow soars
but captures dust. She travels the night,
whisking to the edges,
searching for her Orion
but he does not come.

She aims her arrow home
but it fades into the morning, dissipates
in the light of her past. She pleads with Zeus
to give her one more breath
so she may stand in the glistening meadows,
hunt the game that roam her forest.

But would she remember us?
Would her forest spread out before her?
by our future? Can she see the sun
peaking above the skyscrapers,
her stars
igniting her sky?

Her world
is ours, and we have forgotten her deer.
We have filled in the lakes
she used as lavatories. Her house crumbled
in the fall of Greece.

But she cannot forget us.

ever trying to return home
and replenish her forest.
She reaches for the green,
but her hands fall fisted
to her side. She is stranded,
watching the spinning of the globe.
Catching hold of night
for one last glance of home
before it dissolves into the sun.


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