All kids think wizards and witches zooming by on their broomsticks and sitting on a windowsill with a black cat or owl on their laps are awesome. I felt this way as a kid, but was led to believe that they were evil. Remember that kid who sat in the corner alone when Harry Potter was brought up? Well, that was me. Life was full of don’t watch this and don’t read that that and I believed that my brain would be fried and hell fire would descend upon me if I partook in those revelries.

Power Ranger- too violent
Harry Potter- wizardry was the devil’s work
Sabrina the Teenage Witch- watching it would turn me into a witch
Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon- I have no idea; I just wasn’t allowed to watch it

I’ve seen some pretty crazy rules flow through my childhood, but this one was the strangest. What does a blond ditsy witch have to do with becoming one? I have no magic ability, so there’s no way I can attach a ball and chain onto a talking cat. Where do I even get one of those cats, E-bay? Pokémon wasn’t even that violent. I don’t remember seeing any blood spurting while I snuck into my sister’s room to watch from the doorway. The restrictions my parents placed on me only gave me that much more reason to sneak into their bedroom after school, put in the TV password I studied for a week to find out, and fall into fits of giggles watching Sabrina under their sheets.

Come to think of it, I was allowed to watch Lord of the Rings. It had elves, orcs, some weird elf orc hybrid, hobbits, wizards, and sorcerers involved. What made this okay and the kooky blond headed witch evil? There was more violence in one Lord of the Rings movie than the entire Power Ranger series.


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