Ars Poetica

A poem should be water
drifting through the valley;
a wind whistling past the sleeping souls.
A poem should be charming
and willful, putting names
to the fears
inside our minds.
A poem should be loud and boisterous,
but at the same time
gentle and calm. It should call
to the broken heart
and give strength to the weak
of mind. A poem should fill a room
with silence and yet be the loudest
thing on earth. It should motion to
the quirky insignificant details yet fill
the page with the mundane. It should
wrestle with lions,
horse around with monkeys,
bring puppies to tears.
A poem should remain unfinished
but continue the story to the bitter end.
It should be light as a feather
but carry the weight of a thousand sunbeams.
A poem should
rule and be ruled.


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