I’ll be Following the Yellow Brick Road

Borrowed from Broadway
and Disney musicals

In my own little corner
in my own little room
I know I mustn’t fall into the pit.
But my ma tells me no
and my feet tell me go; my heart stands
idle, dazed , and confused.
In every job that must be done
shouldn’t there be an element of fun?

Nothing is quite the same.
There’s something new coming through
and silently my senses
abandon their defenses. I’m defying
gravity. “You’re the one that I want
who I want to be” but how can I know
that’s true? They say
I cannot succeed, but why,
oh why, can’t I?

Every so often we long to steal
to the land of what might have been.
That land somewhere over the rainbow
where skies are blue; way past
the point of no return. I could
wave goodbye to cares of the day
and say “Everything’s going my way!”

Maybe I got a dream worth keeping.
Maybe if I just dreamed
the world would fly in a hurry. But darkness
stirs and wakes imagination and I must smile
and let the tensions unwind. Nothing
comes from nothing, nothing ever could.
and if it did it would all come crashing
down again. Theatre’s in my blood;
I have been changed for good.

That voice which calls to me
and speaks my name
whisks me off into a world of pure imagination.
I’m through accepting limits cause someone
says they’re so. I won’t waste my pucker
on some all day sucker; watch
my soul take me where I long to go.
Follow the yellow brick road, they say,
and the dreams I dare to dream
really can come true.

When the days get heavy
I will never pitter patter, to my heart
I must be true. Let daylight dry my tears.
You cannot see,
how much I long to be free, lost
in this golden haze across the meadow.
Just follow the yellow brick road
and that’s where you’ll find me.
I may never come down to earth again.


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