There’s a Bright Golden Haze on the Meadow

Borrowed from Broadway
and Disney musicals

Let’s start at the very beginning,
a very good place to start:
What do you see
you people staring at me?
I was 16 going on 17
when I heard the bells;
waiting to sail
my worries away. What is this feeling,
so sudden and new? Something has changed
within me, and I am not the same.
I see all the possibilities
and they are truly,
truly scrumptious.
Your words
warm and calm me; melt me and mold
me. Your hand
feels so grand in mine
as you guide me
down the stage. How can I tell
I’m under a spell,
do you control my name?
Do I want you because your wonderful
or are you wonderful
because I want you?


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