The days drag by and I long
to see the yellow, green, and purple
painting my way home. Feel the sun
bounce off the lake and onto my skin. I hear your soft
call beckoning me across the miles
of empty land. I feel the pull
of your tall stately pine trees,
the stage that held my
imagination within its grasp. You
send a song of yearning into my heart and pierce
me with a desire to return to your Crystal Lake Blue. Your pull
is indescribable, strengthening
every day, every hour,
every minute.

Your bugles play through my dreams and I ache
for that cabin I called home. Your frog calls echo
through my thoughts and sleep escapes me now. I need
the bellow from your hills and the soft ripple
from your waters. You have corrupted me;
corrupted my idea of serenity. Redefined
my silence. I miss the constant chatter, the give me 7’s,
and hit it girls. The depths of me have been touched by you.

Your handprint
has been left forever on my mind.
My concept of family has stretched to engulf you. Half of me
remains hidden within your grasp, in your hills, and brilliant night skies.
My memories overflow with you,
grow with you. Life’s highways pull me farther
and farther away, but my heart still sings to you,
longs for you.

Thank you for the memories,
thank you for the joy. You have forever
changed me. Forever shaped me,
into the creature I am today. You
have been imprinted onto my soul.


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