Her name means “the essence;
the true nature of things.” A beauty
untouched by any man. She
is my example. The symbol of true
virtue. What would she see
in our world filled with teenage pregnancy? She,
the keeper of Eternal virtue.

Her hips will never carry
the weight of a child. Her stomach will never mold
to the growing form inside. She refused the advances
of Poseidon and Apollo, sought shelter
at the hearth of Zeus. There are no
stories to tell. The first born Olympian
slipped into the columns.

Her life is not filled with the dying need
to feel another being stand closely by her side.
She does not belong to any man, she’s free
to roam the land, unattached from calling
home. She does not scream
of passion or launch lightning through the air.

She leads a dwindling number who keep
their bodies pure. Hestia captures those
the world has not corrupted. She rescues
the forgotten who fall behind the horde.


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