The look in your eyes holds my gaze;
beckoning my heart closer. I can see
what I cannot see the moment I look to you.
The fear I have dissolves with an upturned lip
aimed to heat my features. Just one touch,
a soft brush,
stirs my cravings inside. You saw me in my darkest hour,
embraced me through the night, but now the arms
I long to hold reluctantly turn away.

I do not hold a light
to the girl your arms encircle, pale
behind her two toned skin and stick
straight hair. She reeks of perfection
while me, of mediocrity.

The pounding beat I keep
races to meet the warmth of your form. I yearn
to stroke your soft red cheeks
turned blush from the cold. You’d pick me first
for any sport, let me ride along with you. A brother
you have always been; a companion
to the bitter end, but I want more.

My feet will gladly follow
wherever you may lead. I see your bright eyes smile
and long to hold your heart-filled glance
with all of the passion in this world.
Tuck me in your arms forever; I want to warm
your unsuspecting heart. Guide your hands
into the desert; please, do not turn away.

I watch you lead her through the hallway, catch
her hair between your thumb. You hold her hand
as if it were porcelain, and shimmy past
my hiding place. A sidelong glance is thrown
my way, you beckon me out and clasp my hand,
introduce me to Anna, your friend.

How can I find the words to say,
I love you in more than one way?


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