One more step and I’ll be there.
I’m swirling around like I just don’t care.
I saw you when I least expected to,
now I know you’ll lead me through.
You told me have no fear
that one day we’d both be here.
My feet strayed farther away
but you always helped me find my way.
Pale clouds cover my view
keeping me hidden from you.
How can I see
the stairs that are hidden from me?
I fall onto my knees.
Come rescue me, please.
I’ve lost all direction,
can barely see my own reflection.
My feet have grown blisters
my voice echoes, barely a whisper.
Find me in this barren land.
This cannot be what you had planned.
I need you more than I could know,
yet, I run from you as if my foe.
Calm my tremors and heal my shakes.
Show me how much is at stake.
Guide me past this invisible fence
keep my limbs from growing tense.
I choose you for now and forever,
a bond so strong let no one sever.
Keep my eyes focused on you
so that my life can ever be true.


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