Camp for Deranged Teens

Orange sun beams hover in the air,
a world covered in water.
Sporadic huts supported
under the ripples
on twig like stilts.
“Camp for Deranged Teens,” sign
displayed in neon blue lights
bobbing on the water.
Fish Boy swims to his hut while
Frog Girl hops from rooftop to steaming rooftop.
Halley May shuffles through campers soggy files
and Miss Burton scoops slop onto lunch trays.
The humming Siren zigzags through the huts;
her wings spread wide.
She swoops towards the rooftops
ready to pick off any unsuspecting delinquent.
Fish boy dives deep,
covering the florescent gleam of his skin.
Frog girl leaps through an open doorway.
The lights simmer out;
As the humming gets louder
echoing off the cabins then
all falls silent.


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