Splintered Heart

How do I move on,
when I have two hearts
and neither side a whole?

Coffee spilled between us
and our fingers met.
You captured my heart
with that first touch, but
now my mind is torn.

My hand once linked with yours
But now I flinch away.
From your touch, from your gaze,
from your smile.

My heart raced in my chest
but I pushed it down inside
the pit of my soul.
You slammed me
against the windshield;
left me in the glass.

Forever tortured by the memories
of blue skies and
glimmering stars that
masked the thundering clouds.

One wrong step and I fell
deep into my own sorrows;
left alone when you met her.

I still feel your eyes
settle on mine.
The pain still fresh, you
try to wedge
back into the fissure in my head.
Thrust yourself
back into my
splintered heart,
but it had ruptured
spewing the past
out of its valves.

I trusted you,
but you stumbled on the path.
Caught hold of another hand
and flung me out the window.

My love was forever,
but my faith has failed.
My trust evaporated
with my tears.


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