Rescued Paws

The cold and lonely streets
are no place to roam, to hide
dirty and frayed
within piles of sludge
dumped at the corner
of desolate and diseased
stricken with fleas and worms
and hunger.

A small lifeless mother
nestles her unborn pups
close to her shriveled heart
beaten, starving, shuddering;
seeks sanctuary in the streets,
travels scrap pile to scrap pile
scavenging food and amassing disease,
stalked by youngsters, begging
for an end.
A savior.

But who will stand and voice
the bark she cannot speak?
Who will pluck her
from her grey world
and fill it with rainbows,
be a cover for those pups
yet to face the scorching sun?
Who will push open the door
and lead her to light?

Your children tease
and prod her, chase her
with sticks; they scratch
and pull her until her skin
bubbles from within.

Her children lay in wait
to a bleak world.
A world with no fetch
or rope toys. A world greyer
than their mothers.

Take up arms
and be their defender.
Adorn your red cape
and bundle the mother
in its power.

Open doors to a future.
A future where her pups
bound through a yard
clean and healthy. Where she
snuggles soundly on a sofa.
Her floppy ears glossy and smooth;
no matted hair
to hide her.
Look into her eyes whisper
“I am your savior.”


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