I See

I see the stars shimmer in the heaven,
I see the clouds above my head,
I see the grass glimmer in my yard.
I see the dirt beneath my feet.

I see the swan stretch its feathers,
I see the ducklings dance across the creek.
I see the dog paw the tree,
I see the cat’s arched back.

I see the river rifling through the valley,
I see the trees bend in the breeze.
I see the bees pollinating the flowers,
I see the butterfly’s fluttering in the meadow.

I see the daughters’ dining at the table,
I see the mothers maze through the shadows.
I see the sons slithering through the puddles,
I see the dads dawdling behind.

I see a world surrounded in beauty;
a night bathed in wonder.

I see joy sparkle in their eyes;
sorrow spring from their hearts.

I see more than I wish to see.


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