Lemonade in summer, a dog’s tongue, hiding in my closet,
The envelopes on my birthday, the basket in which I hid,
The face of a girl I chased, the bellies of the birds chirping their tune in May,
Sunset, flowers, my folder, my sister’s fake hair, the wings of a toy,
The lips of family that tried to wet my face, stickers on my papers,
The old phone, the cord hanging from the dark fan,
Cold popsicles that stung my throat, the walls in my daycare bathroom,
My raggedy pillow, the lace on the messy table, an old dress,
Markers that never ran out, a fake guitar, the soap I never used,
My mother’s worst shoes, the broken scooter,
The watch that tells no time, the doll without a leg,
Pinching headbands, my least favorite bike, the clothes I was forced to wear,
The eye of my friend, shoes that didn’t fit my feet, fresh scrape,
Fetal pig dissected by the older kids opened on the lab table,
The baby’s upset face, scars, broken hearts drawn in art,
Bloody water, Flowers dying in the fall, the dress my great
Grandmother died in, the lone flamingo standing in the yard.


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