Snow White and the Seven Slobs

Dopey soiled his cradle
Drag out bedding
dump sudsy
water over stain, soak up with rag
stand drenched bed roll
against rotted stump
heave extra mattress
back up to Dopey’s crib
and replace satin sheets

Grumpy spilled porridge down walls
dowse walls
dig around for scrub brush
dab soap onto brush
rinse ceiling to floor

Sneezy blew out windowpane
pick up shards stack
them in trash
sand broken wood find curtains
to hang over hole

Happy overfilled the honey jar
sticky slime dripping
from table
scrape excess into bowl
replace lid to jar
wipe down table

Bashful spilled his lunch pail
dribbling crumbs to the door
sweep up mess
give crumbs to birds

Doc shattered dishes
carrying them to the sink
shards strewn everywhere
cut fingers on fragments
throw out slivers
bleed on clean sink
clear out bloody water

Sleepy squished flies
under his chair
scrape fly guts
off of chair re-sweep floor

Slave over dinner
dwarves come home
trash cottage
then slink off to bed
Start process all over again


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