I watched the world spin.
Watched as you pushed me
away from my office
and towards the kitchen. You coerced
me to stay all day in this prison,
let you be the man, support us both. You
said I should slink into my sexy dress
and sway in celebration. You told me
I was free. No more grueling
9 to 5 traffic, yet I didn’t feel
free. I was trapped
in my own safe haven scrubbing floors
until my knees bled, baking
pies until my hands stained blue.

I am not a puppy
for you to train, to be house broken. My hands
strain to be useful, to feel the passion they once clung to.
My feet click across cold hardwood floor, they miss the feel
of carpet squishing between my toes. You used
to be impressed by my sweats, now, I’m your Stepford Wife,
a hood ornament to your success. I ache
for the people we used to be. So lost
in love we’d laugh ‘til the sun rose.

Now, sunrise is my alarm
pulling me out of my bliss to scramble
the eggs and squeeze your orange juice while you,
in your fluffy slippers sip coffee and hide behind the paper.
I crave my old life, desire to feel the wind
ruffle my hair as I speed to work. I long for that bouquet
propped against my door, Miss the feel of concrete
under my feet as we jog through my dimly lit neighborhood.

Once I was your equal but now
an object of your affection. You set
me on a shelf, dust me off
for your friends. You think
you tamed the beast, but all you did was suppress
her. My talons have grown thicker, my teeth sharper.
I’ve clawed my way out
of this cage you made for me; wipe away
the memories as they fall down my cheeks.
For without you,
I am free.


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