There are no words
to describe my pain.
No idea of a house
with a white picket fence
or three youngsters running
beneath my feet.

I feel black inside,
like a pot on the verge
of bubbling over. But who
can I blame?

Not the one who hurt me
for my heart cannot turn
away. There is a whirlwind
in my head
spinning my joys and sorrows
and impinging them into one.

The world has frozen around me
waiting for that intake of air.

The world is waiting
for my feet to edge away
from that hole you left behind.
I must find a way to stand
and if that means alone,
alone I am.


2 thoughts on “Stand

  1. Hi Beth, glad to see you are still writing. I hope this last one isn’t a lost boyfriend. It’s hard to imagine that for someone so young, the depth of emotions you can put on paper in such a beautiful way.

    The second one made me remember when my friend Vi, who had just finished college came to visit me after Steve was born. She actually said “Isn’t this a boring life”. I’ve reminded her of that several times since she married and had 3 children.

    Keep up the good work. You are perceptive and have lots of good stuff in your head. I love reading your poetry.

    Much love, Aunt Dodo


    • No, Aunt Dodo, this hasn’t happened to me. It was just something in my head that came out, and the second one I wrote after watching The Stepford Wives movie.


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