Sunken Dreams Part 6

I snapped out of my daydream.

“Did you just say Friday?” Jared caught my eye again. “I will not be going anywhere with you in five days. I have school, a job, and friends here. My life is here. You can’t just take me away from everything.”

“I can and I. . .”

“You will not. I get a say in this too.”

Jared sighed and leaned back into the couch with his eyes closed. He brought his hands to his temples.

“Can you let people get through talking before you jump in?” He combed his fingers through his hair exposing his small pointy ears. I had those same stupid ears. I had that same curly hair also, and for some reason that irked me.

“Penny, do you have anything to drink in this…house?” His gaze swept over our small home. He scrunched his nose as if it smelled bad.

I bet he lived in some luxury apartment close to Time Square. He’d want to flaunt his superiority to everyone else around so what better place than that. He probably has a maid and a cook to do his every bidding just like mom is doing for him here. She was already at the sink filling a cup with water. No arguments, just does exactly what he asks her to do.

“Thank you. Now, as I was saying, I need you to pack up what you can by Friday to make it easier for my people when they get here. You, of course, will need to pack everything you can’t live without to take with you on Friday. We can get anything else once we get to New York.”

Jared downed the remainder of his water and handed the glass back to mom. He picked up his coat from the floor and pulled his keys from the pocket.

“I’ll meet you at the airport on Friday. Say your goodbyes or whatever kids do these days before you go.” He opened the front door and was about halfway out when he turned back to me. “Oh, and don’t even think about giving me any of your superb attitude. I, unlike your mother, will not tolerate it.” With that, he was gone.


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