You pull to the curb in your expensive Porsche,
but we all know the truth. The flames
crawling your fender do not convince us of your passion.
You mask your bruises with that perfect life;
the big house, the fancy car, loving husband.

We see you.

See the welts under your eyes
and bruises on your neck. You hide the truth
behind your wrinkle free blouse and loose fitting scarves.
They do not hide you, but rather expose your scars.

You are not alone.

There is no need to cower in the corner
or hide behind the blinds. We stand by you
with arms spread wide. Let us embrace
your sleepless nights. We sit with you,
place our hands over your wounds.

You are not invisible.

Your silent cries are answered. The bruises
fade into memories, reminders of the distant
past. You find your feet and find your words.
They spread to those with new bruises.

You join the embrace that once held your broken form.


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