Sunken Dreams Chapter 3

The plane ride was a whole lot shorter than I expected; even with the connecting flight in Chicago. Jared spoke to me all of three times during our trip, the first to tell me to grab his bag, the second to ask if I was hungry (I wasn’t), and the third to let me know that baggage claim was at carousel 6 and I was to meet him outside after I grabbed my luggage. That was twenty minutes ago and the suitcases were just now falling down the chute. My duffel bag was, of course, one of the last to come out and by the time I grabbed it half of the plane was already gone. I found the nearest exit and made my way out.

The air had a bit of a nip to it. It was ten times colder here than what I was expecting. Back home it was a surprise if the temperatures dropped into the 40’s. It hardly ever got cold enough to see my breath, and I looked like an ice breathing dragon. All I had on were my faded jeans, one of mom’s old band Tee’s, and a lightweight jacket. This was full on parka weather, and I definitely wasn’t prepared for it. I’ve never even owned a coat thick enough to quench this cold.

I huddled by the entrance seeping in what little heat I could from the opening doors. There were people swarming every inch of the sidewalk and I couldn’t find Jared’s receding hairline bouncing above the rest. I folded farther into the doorway hoping the distance would give me a better vantage point, but all it did was free up the space in front of me. No one seemed to notice me at all. I was completely invisible in this huge city. It wasn’t like home where everybody knew everybody. My little town didn’t have this many people to fill the same place. All of our town would fit easily on these sidewalks with room left to see. Jared would be so easy to find. He’d stick out like a sore thumb.


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