Sunken Dreams Ch.3 Pt.2

“Jacqueline!” Jared’s harsh voice cut through the crowd. I looked around, but I still couldn’t see him. “Jacqueline Elizabeth, stop dawdling and get into this cab now.” I searched the row of cabs on the street and found the one with Jared poking his head out of the window. His arm was waving out the window ushering me forwards. I sped walked over and was just about to open the door when the driver popped the trunk.

“Throw your bag in the back before you get in,” Jared said rolling up his window.
I threw my stuff into the back and slammed down the trunk. I climbed into the back seat careful to leave a wide berth between Jared and myself. We pulled away from the curb and I couldn’t help but stare out the window. The city was so big, and so squashed together. There was no space between anything, and there were so many lights. Lights of every color and size. Every once and awhile I would catch Jared point out his window at some monstrosity of a building and go into some big in-depth explanation of who lived there or died there. I barely registered that he was, in fact, talking to me. My eyes were too focused on my side of the road to bother looking at what he wanted me to. These building were so much bigger than home. Our largest was maybe twenty stories, but these blocked out the sun.

We drove for quite a while before leaving the city limits. The buildings shrunk and were spread out along both sides of the road now. They were still huge. The houses were wide and many had gates surrounding them. The businesses were just as nice. The landscape art was pristine and looked as if someone sculpted them out of the ground. As we drove more the house shrunk again. They were the same size as the nice houses back home. The yards were better kept than home, but the houses were much more cookie cutter than the ones we just passed. I could deal with these.

“The next neighborhood is ours.” Jared poked me in the arm and pointed out his window. This neighborhood was nothing like the ones I just saw. The homes were spread out and each had a good five acres. The word “house” wasn’t even the right word to describe the structures before me. Each one was massive, and as we went farther into the gated community the buildings grew more extravagant. Some had seven car garages, while others had miniature waterfalls in their front yards. They were what you imagined a celebrity lived in. The house our cab pulled in front of had a four car garage and what looked like a medieval tower attached to the left side of the house. I could see a crystal chandelier hanging behind the decorative glass surrounding the front door. The house was stone and I found myself wishing there was a secret passage I could unearth while living here.

“Welcome home,” Jared said stepping out of the cab. He went straight to the door without a glance at me. He unlocked it and left it standing open. He disappeared somewhere into the belly of the castle.

“Here Jackie, let me help you with your bags,” I mumbled as I swung it onto my
shoulder. “Why thank you, Jackie. You are just to kind.”


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