Sunken Dreams Ch.3 Pt.3

I followed Jared into the front entryway. It was the size of my kitchen, living room, and bedroom put together with room to spare. There was a family room (or whatever you called a room with sofas and chair in a house this size) to the left and a set of curving stairs just beyond that. An office door stood opened to my right and past that I could see a dining room with a boat of a table that housed twelve very decorative wood chairs.

“Let me give you a quick tour,” Jared said closing the office door. “This is my office. Stay out of it unless I have given you permission to be in there. I work from home most evenings and do not wish to be bothered.” Jared took my bag from me and placed it on the first step. He then grabbed my elbow and led me to the back of the house.

“The dining room.” He pointed and moved past quickly; dragging me behind him. “We mostly eat here, in the kitchen,” he said leading me into the door across from the dining room. This room was a kitchen and dining hybrid. The appliances were all stainless steel with no dents and they went perfectly with the deep mahogany counters. There was a smaller dining table in here, but this one only had four drab straight back chairs.

“You probably want to get settled in, so follow me to your room.” Jared whisked past me and back towards the main door. By the time I reached the entryway he was already halfway up the stairs,, taking them two at a time. My duffel sat where he threw it earlier, and I swung it over my shoulder before heading up the staircase. Jared now stood at the top of the landing glaring down at me.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take my bag upstairs, too. I wouldn’t want you to strain your arm carrying it that far.” I mumbled as I climbed after him.

The landing wasn’t as big as it looked from below, but there was still ample amount of room for a desk and chair. You might even be able to fit a couch up here if you felt so inclined to lazing around with a perfect perch for spying on people coming and going into this fortress. The hallway leading away from the entryway was filled with portraits. At the very front a picture of Jared with a big nosed red head hung slightly crooked, and Jared straightened it as he went by. He pointed out different rooms as we went. Guest bedrooms for all of their boring cotillions, his room, the linen room, bathroom one and bathroom two, and a storage closet. I’d probably get lost every time I came up here. He finally stopped at the last room on the left.

“This was Brooke’s room to begin with. She did all of the decorating herself, and I’ll understand if you would rather have a guest bedroom than Brooke’s room. This is a better room, and you can redecorate it or change it to however you want.” Jared pushed the door open.


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