I feel what you feel,
the tears that flow down your cheeks
are like pinpricks to my being. My eyes
bleed from the torture
hidden behind your smile. My arms
cry to be held, ache for the love you never received.
I can hear the pain rattle inside your skull. Darkness
covers your horizon. Hope has vanished. Your skin
has become molten lava, burning from within.

You itch to be free. Free
of the dreams that haunt your day and of the nightmare
you walk through.
What is freedom?
It is the glue that holds your cells
together, makes you whole and vibrant.
It is the essence of your dreams, the desire of
your soul. You are not

an echo on the wind. Open your eyes;
soak in the light streaming through the clouds. Find
the hope you buried deep inside, for I am you.
I give strength to you in your darkest night. I know
the pain, fought back my sorrow. I watched you fall,
helped pick your bloodied palms off the ground.

You are strong, a mighty oak
resilient to the wind. I am inside you whispering
your name. I throw the first punch. We are one,
and we will rise.


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