Sunken Dreams Ch.3 Pt.4

Brooke’s favorite color smothered the room. The walls were a deep purple with a peacock blue accent on the far side. The canopy bed had a shimmering purple netting surrounding it and was pushed up against the blue wall. There were floor to ceiling windows on either side of the bed, one looked as if it opened to a balcony. I stepped farther into the room before noticing the baby blue sofa set to the right of the door. They matched the comforter on the bed. Everything about this room was big. It was so Brooke.

Jared followed me into the room and walked over to the balcony door. He unlatched it and the sheer curtains fluttered in the breeze. He continued on to a door I hadn’t noticed on the adjacent wall. One of those giant mirrors you expect to see in a dressing room covered the wall next to it.

“All of Brooke’s clothes are still in here, but we can clean them out for you.”
Jared shoved a handful of hangars to the side. The closet opened up to a full vanity. It doubled the size of mom’s. Brooke had all of her clothes and shoes separated by color. Her own personal rainbow. I ran my hand over the section of pink dresses. They were silky and smooth. Nothing cotton. Everything was designer or knock off designer. Jared cleared his throat.

“There’s one more room I’d like you to see.” He led me to another door. This one was smaller than the last, but it was painted to look like a giant glittery Easter egg.

“This one’s your bathroom,” he pushed it open to reveal a semicircular room with a shower and a Jacuzzi. The towels and curtains were all zebra print. “This one,” he said indicating the identical door next to it, “was Brooke’s favorite place.”

My fingers itched to pull at the handle, but they were also shaking with nerves. I shook them out and latched onto the door. A set of spiraling carpeted stairs greeted me. They led up to a trap door. Jared nodded me onward. The walls of the stairwell were covered in glow-in-the-dark stars. The trap door slid open instead of pushed and I slid it back to reveal a completely circular room. Bean bags and mushroom chairs were scattered around the space. One wall was set up as a reading nook next to a curving window. I sat in the seat and glanced down. This was the tower I saw from outside. From here, I could see the fingers of the vines clinging to the stone surface. Brooke hung a wind chime off the windowsill and it was twinkling a sweet tune. I felt like a less trapped version of Rapunzel. I was completely disconnected from the world outside this window.


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