Sunken Dreams Ch.3 Pt. 7

I was racing on the track field, except the field was no longer oval. The asphalt was straight and I was running away from a stone tower and I could see the outline of my house in Arizona up ahead. I pumped my legs, aching to be inside the small living room scattered with shoes and clothes. Mom stood on the front porch waving to me, but as I got closer she seemed to shrink farther and farther into the horizon. My foot caught on a rock and I barreled towards the black tar. “Jackie!” mom’s voice called out. “Jackie.” My body spasmed and the house completely vanished. I was swimming in blackness.

“Wake up.”

The voice was too close; just above my right ear. My body was shaking, but the darkness still surrounded me.

“Jackie, wake up.” My eyes fluttered open. Jared was standing above me with his hands on my shoulder. He released my arm as soon as he saw the whites of my eyes. I was stretched across the foot of my bed. All of the clothing Rosie refolded crunched under my legs as I stretched them. They were wrinkled and scattered on the bed and floor. I tried to stretch my arms, but my left was numb underneath me. I fell asleep on top of my backpack and my arm was riddled with ravines.

“Did you need something?” I mumbled pushing myself up with my right hand. I glanced outside and the sun was almost completely gone. The edge just barely peeked above the tree line.

“Dinner is ready,” Jared backed towards the door. “Be down in five minutes. Rose is putting it on the table now.”

I sighed and pulled myself off the bed. My face felt sticky so I wiped away the residual drool left there. I braced myself as I looked in the mirror and laughed at my reflection.

My hair fell half out of its ponytail and was sticking straight up in the front. The lines on my arm extended upwards and to my left cheek like little spider webs making their way across my body. The zipper tab of my bag left an imprint on my shoulder and a loose button stuck to my neck. This is how Frankenstein must have felt every time he looked in the mirror. I pulled out my hair and retied it shrugging at my image. This was as good as it was gonna get.


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