Sunken Dreams Chapter 3 Final

Rose hummed an old blues song while she worked. We fell into a pattern, and the dishes were dried and stacked on the island in no time at all. Rose moved to the island and began putting everything in its rightful place.


Sunken Dreams Ch. 3 Pt. 9

This place wasn’t full of sunshine and a dry heat perfect for my morning runs. The air didn’t stick to me in Tuscon like it was here. South Tucson was my home. I lived with my mom; I ate TV meals instead of the traditional family dinners. My home was a single story doublewide on the edge of a trailer park.

Sunken Dreams Ch.3 Pt.5

Mom hasn’t had laughing lines like that since we’ve been on our own. Those years before Brooke was gone were the best memories I had of mom, but I could barely recall them. The entire album was full of memories I had forgotten.