Sunken Dreams Ch 4 Pt 2

He unrolled his newspaper and flipped through the pages. I don’t even know why it was rolled in the first place. It’s like he was itching for a chance to slap me with it.


Sunken Dreams Chapter 4

I hopped towards the door attempting, but failing to tie my shoe as I went. Unfortunately for me, I forgot to move my bag last night and l face planted into to the plush carpet. My nose itched from the sea of fragrant carpet fluff.

Sunken Dreams Ch. 3 Pt. 9

This place wasn’t full of sunshine and a dry heat perfect for my morning runs. The air didn’t stick to me in Tuscon like it was here. South Tucson was my home. I lived with my mom; I ate TV meals instead of the traditional family dinners. My home was a single story doublewide on the edge of a trailer park.

Sunken Dreams Ch.3 Pt.5

Mom hasn’t had laughing lines like that since we’ve been on our own. Those years before Brooke was gone were the best memories I had of mom, but I could barely recall them. The entire album was full of memories I had forgotten.